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2GIG Go!Control Security System Troubleshooting

Green Home Button: System is ready to be armed.
Red Home Button: System is Armed
Yellow Home Button: System requires action to alarm system, or trouble condition exists.

Trouble Alerts
If the system is showing a Yellow Security button or is not ready to arm, there may be a Trouble Alert. To see a list of trouble alerts do the following:

  • Press the Green Home Button.
  • Press the status button OR the Trouble Alert Box (yellow button with triangle and exclamation point). The screen will show a list of alerts, when they occurred also when they were acknowledged.

If the panel displays any of the following error messages, follow the steps listed below.

Phone or communication failure:
See phone failure below if your system is connected to a home phone line. See Radio Modem Network Failure below if your system uses a Cellular/digital Communicator.

Loss of  Supervision:
Please call customer service at 317-525-8868 or email us at

Tamper Sensor:
Inspect the sensor visually and make sure the cover is on secure. You may need to remove the cover and reset it.

Low Battery (on a sensor)
To change the batteries on a sensor you will need to put your system in test mode.

  • Press the Green Home button
  • Press Menu.
  • Press Toolbox
  • Press System Test Button. Enter your master code. The panel will then display which sensor has a low battery.

Power Loss (system will display an electric plug symbol with a red x over it):

  • Make sure the transformer (little white box that is the power adaptor) is still plugged into the outlet. If the tansformer is still plugged in, check to see if the outlet is working (plug another appliance into the outlet, does it have a reset button on the outlet? Is the circuit breaker still on?)
  • If the power is restored to your system, the red X will disappear and only the white electrical plug symbol will remain in the upper right hand corner of the display. The battery is rechargeable once the power is restored. If the trouble alert does not disappear after a few hours(system will update itself) call customer service at 317-525-8868 or email at

Phone failure (only for customers that have a landline based system):
If a phone symbol with a red X appears on your screen, you will need to contact customer support at 317-525-8868. This is a communication typically caused by a change to your phone line.

Radio modem Network Failure (Customers that have a Cellular Communication system):
Your system may lost communication with the Cellular network provider. Usually this will update itself once the cellular connection is returned. The System will retest itself every 4 hours. You may need to acknowledge the trouble alert on your keypad to stop the beeping.

The beeping will stop and will stay off for 8 hours if you acknowledge the keypad. Complete the following steps:

  • Touch the yellow trouble alert box to display all current trouble events.
  • If there is a list of rouble issues you will need to use the up and down arrows to scroll through the list.
  • Press OK to acknowledge the problems and silence the beeps.

The trouble alerts will go away once the issue is resolved. Radio Network problem are usually self resolved with the cellular network company. If the problem is not resolved within a few hours please contact customer service at 317-525-8868 or email at