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3 Cool Devices You Didn’t Know Could Be Connected To Your Home Security System

October 2016

The number one reason to install a home security system is the thermostatadded protection—that’s obvious enough; it’s almost certainly the reason you purchased a system yourself. But did you know that in addition to the standard door and window sensors, and even some of the more high-tech security equipment, like video cameras and image sensors, there’s a multitude of convenience devices that can be synchronized directly with your TNT Alarm security system?

Below, check out our list of 3 cool devices you (probably) didn’t know could be connected to your home security system!


  1. The Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is a hub for all things home automation. Activated by voice-control, it plays music, it answers questions, it reports the news and weather, it can order you a pizza and even control your sprinklers. It’s futuristic living to the Nth degree!

One other great feature? It can also be programmed to work with your TNT Alarm home security system! Arm your system with the Echo by simply asking it to! Another important feature? While the system can be armed via voice-command, it CANNOT be disarmed in the same way, which means potential intruders will be unable to ask your Echo to disarm itself.


  1. Light bulbs and dimmer switches

In truth, any device that utilizes z-wave technology can be learned directly into your home security system. The possibilities are virtually endless! One cool option out there is to connect z-wave light bulbs, light switches, and/or light dimmers into your system. Not only is this a great safety feature—allowing you to control your lights right from your smart phone, to set them on timers, or simply check if you left them on before leaving for work—but they’re also a major convenience, and a great way to help save on utilities bills!

On top of this, using the Scenes feature on your app, you can customize all kinds of rules for your light devices, including chained commands that will automatically turn off your lights when you arm your system, and turn them on when the system is disarmed!


  1. Thermostat

The z-wave thermostat is another popular addition to your home security set-up, and just like the z-wave light bulbs, it’s a great way to customize and automate your lifestyle! Check the temperature in your living room from anywhere in the world. Set rules to decrease temperatures whenever you leave home, or to start increasing the temperature when you’re on your way back home.

With all of these devices, the name of the game isn’t JUST security, it’s also convenience! Have any questions about adding one of these devices to your home? Call us today at 317-525-8868 to speak with a home security professional!