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Common Home Security Myths: Debunked!

October 2016

gallery2How many of the following home security myths have YOU heard—or even wondered about yourself?
Prepare to be enlightened!


If an intruder cuts the power/phone line to my house, my security system is disabled

While this may be true of some of the DIY or landline-based security systems, it is absolutely FALSE when it comes to professionally installed cellular-based security systems, like those used by TNT Alarm. While your panel is connected to a power source (typically inside the wall), it also runs on a back-up battery, which means that cutting the power source will NOT shut down your alarm system. And because your panel’s signal is sent wirelessly, using a cellular signal, snipping the phone lines will also have no effect on the performance of your system.


I’ve got a house full of kids and pets, a security system just isn’t practical

One of the great things about owning an alarm system is the ability to customize the system to meet the needs of your home and family. While large pets and wild young ones might make using traditional motion sensors a problem, there are numerous alternatives that will allow you to keep your home protected despite the commotion. Not only that, but a security system can even be a big help when it comes keeping track of kids and pets while you’re away, and there are even several video options that allow you to check in from anywhere in the world!


I live in a safe neighborhood, I don’t need a security system

Feeling safe at home is a huge deal—and also one of the key benefits to owning a home security system. And while the point here isn’t to make anyone feel less comfortable or safe in the neighborhood they love, it’s true that crime does happen everywhere, and statistically, homes without security systems are up to 300% more likely to be burglarized. And if yours is the only house on the block with a security system installed, chances are, it’ll be one to get skipped!


A burglar can just turn off or smash the security panel to stop the alarm

Again, while this may be true of some store-bought DIY security systems, all panels from TNT Alarm come equipped with an invaluable “Smash and Crash” technology, which means that once the alert is triggered, the signal is immediately sent to the monitoring center, and no amount of damage to the panel itself will stop the signal. In addition, even if the intruder manages to somehow stop the alarm with by entering a correct passcode, the monitoring center will STILL proceed by making verbal confirmation with you, via your personalized safe word, before canceling the alert.