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Customer Reviews

Looking for a second opinion? See why our customers voted us the Best Home Security Company in Indianapolis, IN 2016!


Andrea M.

I recommend this company to anyone looking for a home security system. They are locally based in the Indianapolis area. They have the best customer service I’ve dealt with. They genuinely care about their customers. 

Jeremy M.

We are very happy with our choice to go with TNT Alarm. We looked all around at different companies and felt the best about TNT. Their pricing is comparable if not better then other options but their customer service and friendliness is ultimately what was the difference maker for us. Also, they are a local company that is personally invested in the well being on their customers. I highly recommend anyone to us TNT Alarm. 

Lauren K.

I love TNT!! It’s been the best service I have ever had!!! They are way lower in price than their competitors and have better customer service. It’s so nice that every time I call them they answer or return my call asap.

Dale L.

They were very professional, personable, accommodating, also flexible. They were very customer service oriented.

Kevin L.

Other providers did not want to work with existing system in our house.  TNT was able to give me options. I asked about our garage and he provided an add open option that my Family loves.  Professional consultant and technician were quick and efficient to provide me service.

Steven W.

When I called them, I told them the date and time I would be available. Then, they came to assess the work that we would like them to do for us. He answered every question we asked and he did not push us to make any decisions. He also helped us fix our contract which was expired and pay that off for us. They were charging us with $400 for the installation. But since they will be using some of our stuff, he’s going to charge me 99 bucks for one additional keypad. They said that if will not be happy with their service, they’ll come back and put a quick back up and re-install it just like it was.

Gabrielle C.

From our first contact with TNT, we were very impressed with the customer service. My first call to TNT was responded to by the owner who promptly set an appointment to come to my home just to make sure that the system was right for us. Once we landed on a package, TNT was prompt to install our new system, even fixing our hardwired system that was built into our home. Because of our hardwired system, we have experienced a few glitches in the first week and a half, however, TNT is very quick to respond and has sent someone out the next morning to ensure that any problems are resolved as fast as possible. We are very happy with our experience with TNT so far.

John C.

I called on a Saturday night expecting to get an answering machine. Not only did someone answer it was the owner! We made an appointment for the next Monday night. He arrived exactly on time for the appointment. We went through the package I was interested in that included home automation. The installation appointment went just as well as the initial meeting. I was not home, but the installer came and did his thing. When he left my wife was completely satisfied that she could run the system and she felt safe. My wife will tell you I researched security systems for months. An Angie’s List recommendation got me to check out TNT. With the rash of home invasions the past few months I would highly recommend everyone get a security system. From our point of view TNT is the only way to go!

Julie O.
Carmel, IN 

It was great! They were very quick to respond and took the time to make sure that everything was working properly and get the job done right. I have accidentally tripped the alarm and they were understanding and helpful. It was a good experience.


Purchased a Big Deal for a new alarm system. TNT called me promptly to obtain information on existing system and to schedule a time for new installation. I wanted to install a new garage door opener to link with the system, but they offered to return and link the two when the purchase is made.  The representative and technician arrived, inspected the areas, removed an old system and installed the new digital system with a website link.  The smoke detector was placed in the same location. After several days, the smoke detector alarm sounded. It was located too close to the restroom and the steam was causing the issue. A technician returned promptly and moved it to one location which did not work.  He returned again and moved it to a workable location.  Each time he was very friendly and helpful.  The office person is also.

Steve S.

Everything went as planned.  Trenton arrived on time to go over my options and we scheduled the work.  The technician was prompt and went right to work.  He was able to incorporate all of my existing system and brought the outdated components up to current technology and expanded the capabilities.  Any changes that would be made from the existing system was discussed before anything was modified. Everything was thoroughly tested and the technician did a full walk through of the work performed and the usage of the system.  They did a great job and I was really impressed.

Michael D.

I bought the $50 Angie’s List deal and expected a sales pitch to buy much more. I was pleasantly surprised to find the “deal” basically had everything we needed. Although I chose to buy additional items after talking to Trent (TNT), there was no pressure to do so. Trent met with me within days of purchasing the “deal” and was very knowledgeable. Josh (TNT) came that afternoon and installed the system! He took time to explain the system even though it was late and he had two more calls that evening (the day before Thanksgiving). Great system, great service, great people, great company.

Tracy H.
Indianapolis, IN

I called TNT Alarm from a recommendation on Angie’s List to learn about the possibilities of installing a high-tech security system in our house. The owner answers the phone and provides detailed information and offers to come out later that very day. After seeing the demonstration of the security and home automation possibilities (we can arm/disarm security, control our garage door and thermostat from a webpage or phone app), we signed up. Trenton, the owner, then calls his installation guy who came over and installed the whole system. So, in one day we went from an inquiry to an installed system. We couldn’t be happier with Trenton, Josh (the install guy) and the whole process and system.

We can easily program the system from a web app so we get text notifications in all kinds of events, such as; the garage door has been open for 10 minutes. Or the battery is getting low in one of the sensors.


They upgraded the functionality of our existing alarm system. They added garage sensors, water sensor and carbon monoxide sensor. They upgrade my online info. And thy paid off my old contract. They were great. Everything went well. When I had an issue with the motion detectors in the garage they promptly came out to deal with them.

Nathaniel S.

I purchased a Big Deal for a new security system with monthly monitoring

Couldn’t have gone any better.  This local company is top notch.  Thane is one of the owners.  He came out in the evening and met with my wife and I to learn about our Home Security needs.  We had a previous alarm system we had from when we purchased our house.  He worked with us to use the deal we purchased, and swap out sensors to use what we currently had, and upgraded our system.  Josh came out to install the system two days later (also in the evening) and showed us how to use the new system and get us logged into our interactive monitoring system with smartphone apps and how to use the website, as well as some tips and tricks.  It was a great experience from beginning to end.  Very helpful, and we were very happy with the experience.  Don’t hesitate to call TNT Alarm for your Home Security needs!

Tamika Z.

They installed our security system, and they monitor it for us.
The company came highly recommended and it didn’t disappoint.  They were friendly, and they did a good job with the installation.  Additionally, the installation was free, so we only have to pay the monitoring costs.

Jacqueline L.

They were great. Highly recommend.  Considering installing external cameras through this company

Leslie R.

They’re a relatively new company, and there were some issues with the service at first.  However, they go above and beyond to ensure that I’m satisfied with their services, and things are going well now.  Furthermore, I received a lot of features for a very competitive price.