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The homeowner’s approach to saving on their energy bills and optimizing the comfort of their own personal fortress just got easier with 2GIG’s new wireless thermostat.  Replacing the 1st generation Z-Stat, the CT100 meshes with home security and home automation systems using Z-Wave, and is fully remote control ready.  Simply enroll into your Z Wave controller, and everything you can do standing in front of the CT100, you can now do from an app on your phone.  Raising or lowering the temperature, or changing a daily heating or cooling schedule is as quick and simple as making a couple of clicks on your smartphone.  You can do this from your bedroom before going to sleep at night, your office across town, or after you land when travelling.  The internet connected thermostat is the biggest change in residential energy-management in 100 years.  The CT100 will extend the life of your furnace and air conditioning unit. You’ll create a sustainable home with less hassle, and less monthly expense.

  • Use with single, multi-stage, or heat pump
  • Ultra Slim Form Factor
  • Two Year Battery Life
  • 4 Stage Heat
  • Bright Display with Touch Screen
  • Improved Z-Wave Range
  • Auto Mode
  • Improved User Experience