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Tech Spotlight: 2GIG Smoke Detector and Smoke Ring

September 2016

2gig-smoke-3Smoke detectors. Every home has at least one (if not, what are you doing reading this, go install one, now!). Their purpose is obvious, as is their importance. Historically speaking, the first automatic smoke detector was invented just before the end of the 19th century (by an associate of Thomas Edison), and though the basic design of that hundred-plus-year-old device has certainly evolved over the years, not much about their functionality or ease of use has changed in recent memory. The sensor detects smoke and sets off a piercing audible alarm. If you’re at home, you know something’s up. If not, you hope one of your neighbors will hear the screeching through the walls and call the fire department on your behalf.

But what if there was a better way to be notified of the presence of smoke or fire, no matter if you’re at home or a thousand miles away? Fortunately, there are a couple of 21st century options out there at your disposal, including two that can be synchronized right into your alarm system!

The 2GIG Smoke Detector looks just like your everyday ordinary smoke detector, but performance-wise, there’s one crucial difference. The 2GIG Smoke Detector links right up to your 2GIG panel, meaning that any presence of smoke will not only trigger an audible alarm, but will send notification alerts directly to your smart phone. Not only that, but because the alarm is being sent to your security panel, the monitoring center will also be alerted.

It’s a wonderful thing to have equipment and trained dispatch operators focused on your safety, whether it’s protecting you from intruders or other potential disasters sourced right inside the home!

On top of this, the 2GIG Smoke Detector also comes equipped with Heat and Freeze sensors, meaning you’ve got a three-fold defense against dangerous conditions.

The second piece of equipment is a brand new one, the 2GIG Smokedownload Ring. The Smoke Ring is a great new product that can really come in handy with homes already equipped with existing smoke detectors. A wide, flat device, shaped like a donut, the Smoke Ring can be installed onto any existing smoke detector to endow functionality and connectivity to your 2GIG panel. Just like the 2GIG Smoke Detector, the Smoke Ring will transfer all collected data—ie: smoke detection (note: the Smoke Ring does not detect Heat or Freeze)–directly to your panel, and therefore also to your smart phone and monitoring center. It’s an added layer of protection, and an added peace of mind.

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