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Tech Spotlight: Automated Door Lock

October 2016

This month’s Tech Spotlight features a member of the popular home doorbell-gold
family, and another piece of Jetsons-age home security equipment: the automated door lock.

Available in a variety of finishes and styles—from simple deadbolt to keyless touch screen—the automated door lock is a vastly customizable and excitingly handy piece of technology, designed, like all home automation, with simplifying your life as its primary goal.


So what is an automated door lock?

Replacing your existing door lock, the automated door lock is essentially an entry panel for your front (or back, or side) door. Use your designated user code to unlock the door, without ever having to fuss with those pesky keys. Not ready to make the transition into fully keyless entry? Many automated door locks come with a traditional deadbolt as well, meaning the old-fashioned method of locking and unlocking is still in tact.


What are the benefits to going automated?

Beyond the simple convenience of not worrying about keys, having your front door automated means you can not only lock and unlock the door via the app on your smart phone, but you can also check the status of the door from wherever you are—making wondering if you forgot to lock the door a thing of the past!

In addition, you can also create “rules” in the app to make things even easier. How about automatically disarming the security system whenever you come in through the front door? Or arming the system whenever the front door is locked? It doesn’t get much more convenient!

Not only that, with the automated door lock, you can set up unique user codes for everyone coming into your house—your children, your dog walker, your neighbor, your babysitter—meaning not only do you receive personalized alerts right to your smart phone alerting you who and when someone enters your home, but you don’t have to worry about making or lending spare keys to anyone visiting your home. And best of all, those unique user codes can be deleted any time, which means there won’t be any spares floating around in the world without you!


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