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Tech Spotlight: Doorbell Camera

September 2016

This edition of Tech Spotlight focuses on a brand new product—one that’s been getting a lot of attention lately for it’s futuristic features and high-tech convenience!




It’s a doorbell! It’s a camera! It’s…!

The Doorbell Camera is a sleek new camera option, installed right over your pre-existing doorbell and powered by the same source that powers your doorbell.

Clean and unobtrusive, it’s available in various finishes to match the style of your home’s exterior!

So how does it work?

Like’s Indoor and Outdoor cameras, your Doorbell Camera can be accessed right from your smart phone, using the app. This means the Doorbell Camera is fully integrated into your existing security system!


What can it do?

With the Doorbell Camera, you’re not only able to see who’s 00891683standing at your door—whether you’re lounging inside or running errands miles away—but also, using the Doorbell Camera’s built-in speaker, you can initiate a two-way conversation with the person at the door!

Not only that, but if your system is equipped with an automated door lock, the Doorbell Camera allows you to unlock your front door with the tap of a button, right from the video feed!

The Doorbell Camera is also designed to record motion-detected or doorbell-activated video clips. And because it has its own built-in motion sensor, it can also be triggered by other nearby devices, such as garage doors and porch lights, to further protect your home and help monitor your property.


How do I get it?

Easy! Just call the TNT Alarm office at (317) 525-8868 and speak with a security professional today!

And for more Doorbell Camera information, click here to check out’s product page