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Top 5 Reasons to Get a Home Security System

October 2016

On the fence about taking the plunge into monitored home security? home-1439966_960_720Trying to convince your friends or family that a home security system is key to obtaining peace of mind? If you already have a security system, you probably know how vulnerable it can feel to leave your home disarmed, but if you’re someone who’s never had a system installed in your home, you might be thinking “Hey, I know my neighbors. I know my neighborhood. There’s no sense in being paranoid, right?”

For starters, one of the best reasons to get an alarm system from TNT Alarm is the ability to customize your set-up. Want some Fort Knox-style coverage, with live video-streaming and automated door locks? No problem. Prefer something a little simpler, the basic doors and windows, maybe a motion sensor or two? The choice is yours, and your comfort with and knowledge of the technology is one of our top priorities.

But if you’re still uncertain, check out our list of the Top 5  Reasons to Get a Home Security System, and see if your mind might change!


  1. Added protection, obviously

Without a doubt, the #1 reason to get a home security system is the added protection to your home. According to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology, about 60% of convicted burglars claimed the existence of a home security system “influenced their decision to target another home.” It’s not a surprising stat—though it is essential—considering that most home invaders are looking for the easiest job possible, and won’t want to bother with the added risk of noisy alarms and possible cameras.


  1. Insurance breaks

Did you know? Most homeowners insurance companies offer price breaks for residents with a home security system installed in their house. These cuts can vary, but according to a Federal Reserve Board estimate, the savings can total between $300-$1000 annually. That’s some solid pocket change, and definitely something all homeowners should know about.


  1. Utilities breaks

In addition to providing safety, the ability to access your system with your smart phone, paired with several of the home automation features out there, including thermostats and z-wave light switches, can mean added control over many utilities bill-hiking features. Control the temperature of your home from miles away. Set your thermostat and house lights on a timer, accessible and customizable via your computer or phone, to cut electricity costs down to size!


  1. Keep calm and automate your lifestyle!

Home automation products are not only great for home security. They’re handy for use in everyday life, futuristic, and above all, easy to use. Take a look at automated door locks, for example. Keyless entry? Check! Auto-disarming of your system with entry? Check! And what about your garage door? Always losing your overhead remote? Who needs it? Now you can open and close the overhead door with your smart phone! Or pair your system with Amazon Echo to take the whole Jetsons-vibe to the next level!


  1. Fire protection that goes above and beyond a loud beeping

Chances are, your home already has smoke detectors in place (again, if not, stop reading this right now and get that taken care of!). But while smoke detectors are a must-have, there’s one true flaw of the standard smoke detector: if you’re not at home to hear the sensor’s shrill beeping, how would you ever know that something is wrong?

By adding a monitored smoke detector to your home, that is, one that’s compatible with your home security system, you’re suddenly able to receive smoke, heat, and freeze notifications directly on your smart phone! On top of that, the signal being sent to you is also being sent to our monitoring center, which means you’ve got a dedicated team of security professionals on the case. And when it comes to fire safety, a quick response is fundamental!